Poppy shares her thoughts on Andrīš’s jealousy: “Maybe Makan likes me, huh!”

Magone Liedeskalna recently went to Līgatni to support his good old pen pal Andri Rudzīti at the book launch event. Although Poppy is still thinking about Cavalier Tolik, Andritis rushed to kiss him.

“I heard that you have such a young man. Why do you need that fresh meat?” Andris is confused about Poppy’s romance with Anatolia or Tolik.

“Why do I have old, withered and dry bones?” remember Poppy. “Wow, Andrīša’s heart is stuck. Makan already likes it, well! What are my Toliks doing? It’s just for me!” “Celebrities. Without a filter” star Poppy.

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Andris Rudzītis and Magone Liedeskalna.  Photo: Screenshot from 1188 play
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