Nóra Ördög: In recent days, I have received several requests to speak out about abused children

It’s been a week and a half since he left on Saturday Katalin Novák the press is loud about his pardon case, which caused great indignation. Several domestic celebrities, including Lilu, Jenő Rácz and Csaba Kajdi also spoke, and presumably recently Devil Nora also expressed his opinion about the abused children on his Instagram page as a result of what happened.

In recent days, I have received several inquiries from various directions to speak up and take a role in the case of abused children. I am happy because I see that there is a unified position on this topic, it cannot be otherwise: there is zero tolerance for criminals. At the same time, like all public affairs, this is also deeply imbued with politics, from which I will stay away until now and in the future. We live in important days, and I wish that abused children are not just tools for political battles. Above all, I am with them, by their side ❤️

– concluded the presenter’s post.

USA News Today