“Mengoni and Mahmood are openly gay”, storm over D’Agostino and Gomez’s outing

Marco Mengoni and Mahmood “declared gay”. The outing with which Roberto D’Agostino and Peter Gomez, during the program Che will be hosted by Serena Bortone, make reference to the sexual orientation of the two singers who have never made statements on the subject and have never made a possible coming out. D’Agostino and Gomez express themselves in the program that reviews the recently concluded Sanremo Festival.

“Last year there was the scandal over Rosa Chemical’s kiss with Fedez. This year Mengoni, who is openly gay, with the flyswatter game only kissed women”, says D’Agostino. “Alessandro is also openly gay”, adds Peter Gomez shortly afterwards, referring to Mahmood and recounting an episode relating to the singer’s childhood.

The words of the two journalists caused discussion, with a barrage of negative comments on social media. “One of the most disgusting things a person can do is to out someone else when you haven’t talked about their orientation. You should be ashamed!”, reads one post. “One of the most shameful and false things you have ever seen and heard. No one and I repeat NEITHER of the two have ever made similar statements and even if they had, IT IS THEIR LIFE and this MUST NOT influence the judgment on them. LEARN TO HAVE RESPECT FOR PEOPLE”, writes another user.

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