Márk Lakatos: Does the president of the republic who resigns because of a scandal deserve 4.6 million a month for the rest of his life?

Katalin Novák officially resigned – the outgoing head of state informed the Parliament about this. As we wrote about earlier, Novák will receive the head of state’s salary for the rest of his life as a former president of the republic, which is currently HUF 4.6 million per month, but is automatically increased every year by the same amount as the average gross salary increase.

If you ask, the state will also provide you with decent housing. His predecessor, Ader John for example, he received a 720-square-meter villa in Svábhegy, which was renovated with public funds for nearly HUF 1 billion. Schmitt Paul on the other hand, the one who resigned in 2012 because of his plagiarism case did not take advantage of this opportunity, i.e. he did not apply for state residence, he arranged his own housing.

locksmith Mark he reflected on this to his followers on his Instagram page:

I would also like to ask with great affection whether the president of the republic, who was forced to resign due to some scandal, deserves to receive 4.6 million a month, a car and … his mother from us for the rest of his life?

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