Latvian literature – is it really so different from Lithuanian and Estonian literature?

On February 21 at 18.00 in the cultural space of the Museum of Writing and Music “Tintnīca”, Pulka Street 8, there will be an evening of talks and literary readings “How Latvians do not write: Estonian and Lithuanian literature” in the series of events “Literature Living Room”. February is the month of independence days of our two neighboring countries – Lithuania and Estonia. In honor of this, the Museum of Literature and Music wants to pay attention to Estonian and Lithuanian literature, asking itself the question – how come Latvians don’t write?

The peoples of the Baltic States, although historically closely connected, have each followed their own individual path in literature. For example, Latvian writers position themselves as introverts, magical realism is characteristic of Lithuanians, while neomythism can be mentioned as one of the brightest phenomena of Estonian literature, which gained its relevance especially with Hasso Krull’s work “Metrs and Demetra”. What are the strongest sources of inspiration for each literature – is it mythology and folklore? How big is the role of religious affiliation and national mentality?

The event will highlight the mutual interaction of the literary processes of the Baltic States, focusing on what is different, common and important to us – Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians. In the discussion together with industry experts, we will also talk about which works of Latvian authors are published in Estonia and Lithuania, which literary works of neighboring countries we publish, and we will also try to find out how these differences in literature unite us and how they form our common Baltic identity.

We have invited the chairman of the Writers’ Union of Latvia and writer Arno Jundzi, the art experts and translator of the Museum of Writing and Music Daigas Lapānis, as well as the writer and head of the publishing house “Pētergailis” Inguna Cepīti, the discussion will be moderated by Liega Piešiņa.

Actor Gundars Āboliņš will complete the event with readings of Lithuanian and Estonian literature.

Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA
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