Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass released a song in collaboration with the famous Sak Noel

On Friday, February 9, the well-known Spanish DJ Sak Noel and the internationally known Latvian DJ came out under the auspices of the Los Angeles-based record company “Barnaton”. [Ex] da Bass collaboration “Miami Freestyle” performed by the talented Dominican singer from Miami, Florida – Rubi Rox.

“This is the biggest success story of my 27-year DJ career,” says the press release [Ex] da Bass. “I’ve been following the Spanish DJ, producer and songwriter Sak Noel, who has called the US his home for a long time and has collaborated with such greats as Sean Paul, Pitbull, Major Lazer and Lil Jon. To a wider audience, his name is undoubtedly , is associated with the legendary club hit “Loca People”, which once brought him huge world fame and a victory in the UK Singles Chart.”

“At the end of last year, a video appeared on his Facebook page in which he invited to create his own version of the joint collaboration between him and Rubi Rox. It was a short video where Rubi rapped in two languages ​​at once. So it turned out that both the melody and the text appealed to me so much” grabbed” that, without much thought, I decided that I had to make my own version, without initially thinking about what might come next. In about two weeks [Ex] da Bass’s version was ready and I sent it to both the vocalist, who reacted quickly, and Sak Noel himself to evaluate it.”

“And then what I least expected happened: both artists were so excited about what they heard that we started discussing the possibility of releasing my remix, with a couple of Sak Noel additions, officially – as the main version of a maxi single, adding an Extended Mix for DJ needs, as also Rubi Rox’s “freestyle” from which it all started. This version then turned into an Alternative Mix. And that was not all – the idea was born in a flash that Sak Noel should be invited to perform in the Baltics, and here is the result – on February 14, we together we will perform in Marijampole, on February 15 in ħedaini, and on February 16 in Jurbarkas, Lithuania. On February 17, I will have the honor to warm up Sak Noel in the Finnish club “Maxine”, in Helsinki. In addition, there is a possibility that the song will also have a video. Do you can you believe it? Well, I’m starting to believe it too, for real!”, says excitedly [Ex] da Bass.

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