La Fenice Theater evacuated due to false alarm: concert resumed

The La Fenice Theater in Venice was evacuated this evening due to a false alarm during the New Year’s Eve concert. After a forced break of about 25 minutes, the concert conducted by maestro Fabio Luisi resumed regularly.

Almost at the end of the interval, around 9pm, the security alarm inside the theater went off. In all likelihood some spectators sitting in the boxes inadvertently ‘covered’ the trajectory of the laser beams and the security system went haywire. Thus the alarm went off which led to checks by the firefighters, with the consequent evacuation of the theatre, including the musicians and the choir who had to leave the stage and go outside.

Once it was ascertained that it was a false alarm, the audience was able to return to the theater and the concert resumed with a delay of approximately 25 minutes. It was the superintendent Fortunato Ortombina who explained what happened and the spectators greeted the end of the story with relief and applauded.

The twenty-first edition of the New Year’s Concert is directed by maestro Fabio Luisi, who leads the Orchestra and Choir of the Teatro La Fenice with the soprano Eleonora Buratto and the tenor Fabio Sartori.

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