Edina Kulcsár a few weeks ago, the Varga’s In the Instagram reality show, he told his followers that GwM he was hospitalized: as he said, he believes that spiritual reasons may be behind his health problems.

It’s a big problem, although I hope it won’t take long and everything will be resolved. So Márk was hospitalized a few days ago. I think that this was preceded by a rather serious journey. I believe that all illnesses have spiritual causes, so I think this is also the case with him. He has been depressed for many weeks and it was quite deep

– said the beauty queen at the time, who also revealed on the broadcast that there was an example of her crying and begging her husband to get out of bed.

This is the first time the rapper has spoken about the topic, recently sending a message to his followers on his Instagram story, available for a limited time.

Many of you have written in the past few days. For now, I want to rebuild myself (mentally, spiritually)… One thing is for sure, I have been able to fly from the depths to the heights since my childhood, so if I will arrive, both musically and with more personal things (a book, etc.), the country will know about them, but I still ask for time . I’m making friends with my condition, but something has already started in me. I love you! Your King Kongs are coming back soon!

he concluded his thoughts.