Kate Winslet struggles with her “Titanic” fame

“You can take poison on that”
Kate Winslet struggles with her “Titanic” fame

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Kate Winslet makes film history with her appearance in James Cameron’s blockbuster “Titanic.” But she herself thinks back with unease on the time when she became a superstar overnight. “Being famous was terrible,” she remembers today.

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet has bad memories of her immense fame after the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic.” “My life was pretty unpleasant,” explains the Brit in an interview with the fashion platform “net-a-porter.com.”

“I was grateful, of course. I was in my early 20s and could afford an apartment. But I didn’t want to literally be followed while feeding the ducks,” said the now 48-year-old. The public attention made her feel like she had to “look a certain way or be a certain thing,” says Winslet.

After her breakthrough with the James Cameron film alongside Leonardo DiCaprio at the age of 22, she avoided big projects for a while, Winslet explains. “The journalists always said, ‘After ‘Titanic,’ you could have done anything, but you chose these little things.” And I said, ‘Yeah, you can take poison on that!’ Because, guess what, being famous was terrible.”

She only received the Oscar in 2009

According to her own statements, the actress can now deal with her fame in a relaxed manner. “The only moment I still think, ‘Oh God, hide,’ is when we’re on a boat somewhere.”

With “Titanic,” Cameron, who had previously made films such as “Terminator” and “Aliens: The Return” and later directed “Avatar,” finally cemented his reputation as a star director. Even today, the film ranks as the fourth most successful film of all time, based on box office revenue without adjusting for inflation.

“Titanic” won a total of eleven Oscars in 1998. However, Winslet – like her film partner DiCaprio – came away empty-handed for her leading role. She only received the coveted Hollywood trophy several years later – in 2009 for her portrayal of the former concentration camp guard Hanna Schmitz in “The Reader.”

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