“It was a disgusting move” – ​​Simon Szabó was disappointed with the yellow team, who took away all the food from them

The teams changed residences a Farm VIPin: the yellow ones moved into the apartment converted from a barn, and the red ones into the farmhouse. The yellows thoroughly emptied the pantry before the change, which the red team resented. Tailor Simon they were harshly criticized for this.

Horrible dirt, I can’t understand how you can live like this in a nice house

– referred to the conditions that received the reds. Then he turned to the pantry.

The fact that you emptied the pantry so that nothing remained was, in my opinion, a disgusting move, I will leave this to your conscience. I ask the question: will you return the food we received yesterday? We didn’t bring it with us.

The captain of the yellow team, Ripley Suzy he said it was a collective decision to empty the pantry and return the food to the reds.

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