Indra Burkovska tends to spoil her husband’s day with her daily mantra

In the program “When they meet”, the main theme is dedicated to eternal beauty. For this reason, the charismatic and experienced actress Indra Burkovska is invited to the conversation, who will seduce you with her youthful thinking and elegant posture, proving that age is not an obstacle to feeling good and feminine.

Indra tells about her everyday life:

“I wake up every morning, stretch and recite this mantra:

“I won’t let anyone ruin my good mood! I won’t let anyone ruin my good mood! I won’t let anyone ruin my good mood!””

Then my husband usually says, “You already ruined mine!”

Indra and her husband have lived in a happy marriage for 43 years and during the conversation she does not hide it – during these years there were no moments when she wanted to go to each other’s side. She also discovers that a better life partner than her husband is unimaginable.

Watch the video for a more extensive conversation with the great actress!

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Indra Burkovski.  Photo: screenshot from 1188play
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