“I host Sanremo? After Amadeus I would be crazy!”

“A character very outside the box, compared to those I have described previously: a famous actress who finds herself competing with the advancing years and with the world of social media and the marketing of feelings”, also rapidly advanced. This is how you describe your new role, which also marks your return to Rai, Sabrina Ferilli during the presentation of ‘Glory’the TV film in three evenings, broadcast on 19-26-27 February on Rai1, with Massimo GhiniEmanuela Grimalda, Sergio Assisi, directed by the director Fausto Brizziwhich speaks for the occasion of “a tremendously true film, with many cameos, for a game on cinema on TV and for a snapshot of this world of entertainment where the number of social contacts and followers has replaced the old approval rating “.

“Ours is a particular profession”, underlines the Roman actress, who says two firm “no”s: to the idea of ​​becoming her own director in the wake of what has already happened to colleagues like Paola CortellesiMargherita Buy, Michaela Ramazzotti, Giovanna Mezzogiorno
; and to the hypothesis of conducting the ‘Sanremo Festival’. Both with the same underlying motivation: “I wouldn’t be capable of it…”. Adding, regarding the event at the Ariston theatre: “After AmadeusI want to see who is that crazy person who says yes…”.

As for future projects always in progress Rai, “I focus on one thing at a time, now let’s see how this one goes first”, also foreshadowing the possibility of a second season for ‘Gloria’. And assuring: “In my professional life, I have never regretted having said some ‘no’, if anything I have regretted having said some ‘yes’…”, she confesses.

The TV film, based on the original screenplay of ‘I would like to see you’ by Roberto Proia, for a production Eagle Pictures in collaboration with Rai Fictiontells of an actress who seems to be definitively headed towards the sunset but who remains convinced of her talent, which she considers wasted on TV series if not even on commercials, dreaming of a grand return to the world of cinema.

“It’s a sarcastic and transgressive story about the world of stardom – he explains Maria Pia Ammirati, director of Rai Fiction – for an unusual type of narration; a bittersweet comedy that provides the opportunity to reflect on important and contemporary themes, also touching on key and somewhat dormant points of our society”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)

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