“How the children in the kindergarten would like the song!” Social network users are excited about Ms. Lydia’s comments in “Supernova”

Latvian Television’s youth platform “16+” shared several videos on the “TikTok” website, in which a lady named Lidija expressed her opinion about each of the participants’ performances. These posts have created a storm of excitement on the social site “X”.

Mrs. Lydia did not hide her indignation at the sentiment of Don’s song:

“I don’t understand what happened to that poor man there? What is he going through there?”

With eternal shirts – like such a poor man. No one will understand him there.

Katrina Gupalo has also received criticism from Mrs. Lydia:

“How the kids in kindergarten would love that song. I practically fell asleep when she sang it. Those other girls could scare little kids.”

The singer Lauris Reiniks expressed special excitement about the lady’s comments. Others have joined him.


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Photo: screenshot from @LaurisReiniks/ "X"

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