“Here are the hosts after Amadeus”

For Sanremo 2025 “we are rooting for the couple Antonella Clerici and Alessandro Cattelan” as hosts at the end of the Amadeus era who left the Festival after hosting 5 editions. It is the investiture of Fiorello who, returning from the trip to Sanremo together with Biggio, Casciari and the whole ‘Viva Rai2!’ gang, regains possession of the glass at the Foro Italico: the entire cast parades to the tune of Jovanotti’s theme song, unfurling a banner that closely resembles the one used for Sanremo and which reads “Think about Rome”, in front of the crowd who had gathered since the early hours of the morning especially for the occasion. Between music, dance and laughter, a new week can start again with the record-breaking Mattin Show, which welcomes an exceptional guest, Antonella Clerici.

Called unexpectedly by Fiorello during the live broadcast, the presenter is immediately cornered by the showman’s questions: “But if they offered you to host the Festival, would you accept?”, she asks. “With a friend like you, perhaps”, the host immediately replies. Clerics. “I see you well with Alessandro Cattelan”, suggests the showman. The presenter appears to be open to possibilities in this regard: “It could be, I adore Alessandro, I think it’s right to launch young people and then I have nothing to lose, even if a Festival were to go badly, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Regardless of everything, I’m rooting for a woman as Artistic Director.” “How nice! We’re rooting for you!” Fiorello exclaims shortly before hanging up the call.

Another special guest of this post-event episode was the winner of Sanremo 2024, Angelina Mango. “After being here the last time, I called my agent convinced that Amadeus hadn’t taken me to Sanremo” the winner of the Festival confesses to the showman. “All this because of something you told me at the time Fiore, about how crazy Amadeus was for not having taken me to Sanremo”. Fiorello’s response was not long in coming: “But it was even more beautiful when the confirmation actually arrived! Among other things, on the evening of the final, as soon as I read on the card Amadeus that you would have been the winner, I would have immediately wanted to shout it out to everyone! You also won the Tesoretto of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, which was there, free. I would start thinking about a tour of the arenas…”. The singer, however, at moment does not go too far: “One thing at a time”, he replies smiling, shortly before performing live together with the Viva Rai2! dance troupe, while all around the audience goes wild to the tune of the winning song, ‘La noia’.

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