here are the favorites and why

THE Negramaro they appear today as the big favourites to win first place at Sanremo 2024. The group, led by Giuliano Sangiorgi, in fact, convinces the experts of Snai and Planetwin365 for the victory, quoted at 5.50 and 6 respectively. Negramaro therefore returns to the competition at the Festival at 19 years after their first appearance, when, in 2005, they were eliminated even before reaching the final stage. The parterre of the “big names” of the 74th edition of the Festival sees very important names, and in fact, immediately behind Negramaro, there is a great brawl: the name of Alessandra Amorosowhich has reached its long-awaited debut in the competition, a winning date between 7.25 and 7.50, together with Annalisa, a great protagonist in the summer and who he is now aiming for triumph at the Ariston. A triumph that Mahmood has already experienced twice: the three of a kind pays between 7 and 7.50 times the stake.

Four years after the 2020 victory, he also sees himself again Diodate, who is part of a large group of competitors with 10 points: with him, in fact, there are also Emma Marrone, Fiorella Mannoia and Angelina Mango, as well as Geolier, who presents himself at the Festival after having dominated the 2023 ratings with the album ‘ The courage of children’. Standing out on streaming platforms with over 5 million monthly listeners, in addition to having won the Festival in 1985, are also ‘I Ricchi e Poveri’, which however are trailing Snai’s forecasts, at 75.

In between, many other possible outsiders, starting with those who have already tasted the Festival podium, such as Il Volo (at 15, like Irama) and Mr. Rain (at 20, like The Kolors and Gazzelle). Finally, the success of Loredana Bertè and the duo Nek and Renga is worth 33 times the stake.

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