Gábor Reviczky no longer undertakes a new play, he would not be able to go through a rehearsal process

Gabor Reviczky last spring he spoke for the first time about the aggressive type of prostate cancer attacking his body. Initially, he did not accept chemotherapy, but after metastases developed in his body, he changed his mind. The treatment took a toll on him, but in December he already talked about it, a voice told him he was cured.

His condition improved to such an extent that he recently returned to the Pest Theater, where after more than a year he performed again in Hypochondriac as its protagonist. Reviczky told Bors: the performance was a great success, but by the end of the play he was more tired than before his illness.

Awarded the title of Artist of the Nation and winner of the Kossuth and Jászai Mari awards, the newspaper also revealed whether he is preparing for a new play.

I’m not preparing for a new play anymore, I don’t want it! I wouldn’t be able to go through a whole trial process, I won’t be the same as before my illness, and I accepted that.

He added that he will continue his previous roles, a Hypochondriac next to the Book of the jungleviewers can also see it in

But for the sake of safety, we are already carrying it in a double cast. I have a lot of work, movies, dubbing, I also took it back from that. But luckily I’m fine! I realized that you shouldn’t take this seriously, you shouldn’t even think about it

– said Gábor Reviczky.

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