Frank Buschmann announces a “longer” break

“I knew about it earlier!”
Frank Buschmann announces a “longer” break

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No matter whether it’s about run-of-the-mill sports or action events like “Ninja Warrior Germany”, “RTL Diving” and most recently “American Ice Football” – Frank Buschmann is always the all-purpose weapon in the commentary booth. But even a “Buschi” sometimes reaches its limits. That’s why he now wants to take a break.

Frank Buschmann already has a veritable career behind him. Formerly a basketball player in the 2nd Bundesliga, he soon made a name for himself as a sports commentator. He accompanied the Olympic Games in Barcelona on the radio as well as later basketball and football games on TV. His committed moderation style should not have gone unnoticed by Stefan Raab. Finally, in 2007, “Buschi” took a seat in the commentary booth for the first time on the then game show “Schlag den Raab”.

The rest is actually history, because since then Buschmann, who was born in Bottrop in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1964, has been an indispensable TV commentator. The verbal duels he has with co-host Jan Köppen on “Ninja Warrior Germany” are legendary. Whether “Murmel Mania”, “RTL Turmsprung” or “Top Dog Germany” – Buschmann is the all-purpose weapon for almost every type of action event on television. The last time you heard him was when celebrities rang in the big Super Bowl evening on RTL with “American Ice Football”.

Buschmann, however, said he voluntarily decided not to commentate on the actual NFL finale. The reason: He is “completely at the limit” and has to admit that “I’m really consumed by the last three or four months of this working year.”

“Just a job”

But “Buschi’s” longing to take his foot off the accelerator doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the Super Bowl waiver. The 59-year-old announced in a detailed Instagram post that he wanted to take a “longer break”.

Buschmann openly admits that he feels “that these 30 years in public have drawn incredible energy.” At the same time, he is noticing changes in the media and is “more and more wondering where I see myself.” What happens on social networks also leaves its mark on him. “For some time now I’ve been taking things to heart that I previously didn’t care about. What do people write on social media and what is made of it? Who reacts to it and how?” writes “Buschi” and adds: “I used to pay attention to it …n! Today I’m less and less able to do that.”

Finally, the cult commentator concludes in his thoughtful post: “In the end it’s just a job! There are so many beautiful moments. We should all never forget.”

As if to prove it, he published a photo that shows him on board a boat with his upper body bare on turquoise water. The fact that colleagues like Florian “Schmiso” Schmidt-Sommerfeld can also be seen in the photo also gives hope for a reunion with Buschmann. So that after his break he may return stronger and cheerful as ever.

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