Felix von Jascheroff is filming GZSZ again

From the jungle back to the set
Felix von Jascheroff is filming GZSZ again

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In the jungle camp, Felix von Jascheroff only managed seventh place. However, fans of “Good Times, Bad Times” still have him at the top of their list. You can be happy because the 41-year-old is now back at his main workplace.

On day 13 of this year’s edition of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” actor Felix von Jascheroff got it – the TV audience voted him out of the jungle camp. All fans of the long-running series “Good Times, Bad Times” (GZSZ) should now be all the more pleased about the supposedly unlucky number, because: The actor has been back on the GZSZ set since February 13th today and is busy filming again in the role of him Character John.

“Today I’m filming on the GZSZ set again for the first time and it feels great. It was fantastic to see my colleagues and the team again. It’s like a family and I feel very comfortable there,” says the 41-year-old. Year-old about resuming his main job. At the same time, he promises pure drama for his return and that he “doesn’t want to be in John’s shoes”…

The reason for the turbulent start to his comeback on set is the temporary exit of another leading actress: Chryssanthi Kavazi, Tom Beck’s wife and actress of the character Laura, is taking a baby break.

Von Jascheroff makes wedding plans

For Felix von Jascheroff, this makes for “a laughing and a crying eye,” as he says. “I am very happy for Chryssanthi and wish her all the best for this exciting time. (…) She is having her second child and will hopefully be back with us again next year. But of course she will be a very valued and lovable colleague to me really missed. My serial wife is on vacation again.”

Things also remain exciting for the actor in real life. Shortly before he left for the RTL jungle camp (), he proposed to his girlfriend Sophie. In the coming period, there will also be a stress test in his real relationship: “We will certainly plan the wedding and a big trip at some point and … everything is very exciting and exciting! We are taking our time until the right time comes. “

In the jungle camp it became clear to him once again “that she is the most important person in my life. We supported and encouraged each other, which brought us even closer together,” said von Jascheroff.

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