It started on Monday Farm VIP new season, in the first part it has been decided which team will have accommodation where. The yellow ones performed better in the initial task, so they were able to move into the farmhouse, where cattle also live. Zsuzska Takács influenza and Little Daniella the pigs were released as a model joke, but the repatriation of the animals was not without conflict. Judge Ica he felt that everyone agreed with him. Ripli with Zsuzsi he asked for it, no one can behave like that with him.

»You stay there, be careful, hey, stay there!«, so I received such a hand from Lieutenant Ripli, which I took very seriously. It wasn’t just what he said, the way he said it, that was very rude. He commanded. This voice… I didn’t come here to be jumped around by someone like that… I don’t want to hurt you, but not this voice!

– said the Metal Lady in front of the cameras, who also told the actress face-to-face that she did not like the way she was treated, that she was “always only dealt” and that she saw the “cut in the face, that she doesn’t like it”.

Ica also kicked the butt with her behavior as she reacted. Ica probably feels that he is older, he is over sixty, and I am younger, it is not certain that he accepts things from me. I didn’t feel that he could actually overcome this

Ripli commented on what happened.