Baiba Vītiņa cannot contain her excitement when visiting the lemurs

In the program “Vakariņš ar savējs” show host Baiba Vītiņa, actor Kaspars Zāle and stylist Žanna Dubska visit real rockers – the Swedish family from Cēsis. The big family had given the celebrities a particularly thought-out and adventurous day. The celebrities had to learn how to make scrubs, ride snowmobiles and even went on an excursion to the lemur house, where Baiba Vītiņa experienced particularly vivid emotions.

“Lemurs, oh my god, I really liked lemurs. I had already seen lemurs in Rakšos before, I don’t know, I was afraid to go with my children because you can’t walk them, and knowing my children – they would be papayats. I don’t really trust myself either about lemurs and the fact that you can’t pet him, but yes, that was a moment when I was very happy.” admits Baiba Vītiņa.

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Baiba Vītiņa Photo: 1188play screenshot
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