Ázsia Expressz: Gáborék Kucsera was spat on the chest by a Guatemalan shaman

The Asia Express according to the preview of Wednesday’s episode, the contestants will also meet a Guatemalan shaman. It is clear from the broadcast that To Gábor Kucsera and Tóth to David the vártál had the opportunity to get to know the shaman more closely, who during a short ritual not only slapped them with a bunch of plants, but also repeatedly spat a liquid on their chests, which he drew from a bottle in front of them. As one of them, before the first spit, Kucsera thought they were going to drink together, and even reached out for the bottle.

Although the Olympians were surprised by what happened, they calmly tolerated the elements of the ceremony, except for swearing.

In the last broadcast anyway For coffee he also had to cope with a task that he was not very happy about.

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