Attila Pataky: I hate being alone, without the feminine principle I am half a man

Orsolya Nykovics He became an Edda fan Attila Pataky his love, then his third wife. They have been together for 15 years, they talked about their relationship in the new issue of Meglepétés.

I hate being alone. And without the feminine principle, I am half a man. God bless me because I have a wonderful partner. We are great assets to each other. We think alike in many ways and have the same interests. Shared hobbies include motorcycling, skiing, a good cinema or theater show and travelling. We don’t buy each other new items as gifts, we give experiences. We like to capture our vacations, and we look back at the photos later, feeling nostalgic about how good the time we spent together was. Otherwise, Orsika is an excellent filter to keep me together

– revealed the singer, whose wife said: “An eternal fire burns in Attila. Full of inner, never-ending values, a real fixed star. He knows that it is not only necessary to receive, but also to give, especially love. After all, that is the only reality. Meanwhile, it is made of humans, so it has to stay on the ground, you can’t always fly. The body-soul-spirit ratio is very important, and I try to help with that.”

The couple also talked to the magazine about how they celebrate Valentine’s Day. As they said, “almost every day is Valentine’s Day, because February 14th is not specially highlighted”.

It doesn’t have to be a holiday for Attila to surprise you with a heart-shaped chocolate or a bouquet of flowers. Always attentive, knows what I like. And I have a particularly easy job, because we feel each other one hundred percent

– said Orsolya Nyikovics, and Edda’s frontman thinks:

If I see the sparkle in my partner’s eyes and see myself in them, then the world is full for me. My love language is words of appreciation and physical touch.

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