Attila Kökény: As a child, I was also chased by the police, we went to steal from the public, and such

It arrives on Friday Moved in new episode in which Attila Kökeny gives an interview To Péter Hajdú. According to the preview of the show, it will be about the singer’s childhood, the early years of his career, and how he fought his alcohol problems.

Don’t find out who the buddies were. Well, listen, Pongráctelep, Hős utca, the bitangok, I grew up with them. I was also chased by the police, we went to steal from the public and things like that, as a child

– explained Kökény, who also told about the circles in which he played music before he entered the Megastarwith

It’s one thing that I played music everywhere. They liked me because I sang, everyone liked the way I sang, and then they came. They also invited me to private parties, where they threw 20,000. I’ve been to a lot of these places. Practically, I lived well from that period, because those people, the mafia people, had a lot of money and they did not regret it. We went and they threw the money at us.

As for his marriage, the singer revealed that he and his wife previously had ups and downs, in the midst of which it happened that they even moved apart from each other, even if only for days.

In practice, we only fought because I was drinking. (…) I drank every week, on Thursday I was already worried about when Friday would be so that I could go drink

– confessed the musician in the interview, who believes that his health would have failed him if he had not repented.

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