András Várkonyi on the salary he received for dubbing: If it weren’t for the theater and teaching, I wouldn’t be able to make a living either

He stirred up the stagnant water the other day Black people John post, who wrote in a Facebook post about why he won’t dub it Liam Neeson in his next film. According to the actor, they wanted to pay an amount equivalent to an insult for the work.

Let’s make it clear that for dubbing the film of an A-League world star – we are talking about nearly 100 reels, for me I would like to offer the amount of a purchase, possibly 2 tanks of gasoline, 40,000 forints, which also includes tax and the cost of gasoline, everyone knows that in rural areas I live – it’s an INSULT as it is, a downright INSULT

– wrote the actor, according to whom “anonymous, faceless nobodys are deciding the work of decades, ripping off the needs and sympathy of the viewers! Because of saving a few thousand forints”.

Blikk spoke Várkonyi András, who, like Csernás, has also been dubbing for decades. Várkonyi confirmed to the paper that the situation in dubbing is not rosy:

“The truth is that synchronized payments are decades behind in Hungary. The situation has improved somewhat, but the real value of today’s gas cars is worse than those of thirty or forty years ago: in the past, you could buy one for HUF 80-100-150, you could fill it up, today’s payments are more deplorable. Synchronized acting is probably a stepchild in our field. There are several categories: DVD movies, feature films, but the length of the reel is also subjective, because when a professional disassembles the film, he determines where the beginning and end of that reel are. If he works more generously, the actor gets more, if he has a lot of appearances, then less. One always hopes to be paid more.”

If it weren’t for theater and teaching, I wouldn’t be able to make a living from voice acting either.

We talked with János Csernák five years ago about a similar case:

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