Andis Geste once came to Siberia because of a sect

Astrologer and psychotherapist Andis Geste will reveal in the program “When they meet” that he lived in Siberia for some time, where he built a house with his own hands. As it turns out, he went far because of a religious community.

Andis tells about this period of his life:

“It was the maximalism of youth. I was in a sect. I was about twenty with caps. It was the end of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the time of freedom.”

At that time, a lot of people got into all kinds of organizations, consequences. I got like that too.

“I was interested in everything related to the unseen world, spirituality and things like that. I built a house there (Siberia) myself, I had a horse!

All people have esoteric nightmares the period when a person is looking for himself! It was a very stressful time. If I had the chance to go this way again – of course I wouldn’t go there!”

How long Andis lived in Siberia, watch the video!

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Andis Geste.  Photo: screenshot from 1188play
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