Although Judith Rakers is completely alone

“Running naked through the house”
Although Judith Rakers is completely alone

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Judith Rakers is actually invited to the talk show “MDR at 4” to talk about her 19 years at the “Tagesschau”, her farewell to the show and her life afterwards. But when the format turns to the “really important questions,” it suddenly becomes intimate.

Judith Rakers is on everyone’s lips right now. And not because she landed a spectacular new job, but because – on the contrary – she gave up her high-profile job after 19 years. At the end of January, the 48-year-old toured the ARD “Tagesschau” for the last time, of which she had been one of the prominent figureheads for almost two decades.

In the talk show “MDR um 4”, Rakers reviewed her career as a news anchor in an interview with presenter Julia Menger. She revealed, for example, that when she said goodbye to the “Tagesschau” she wanted above all to “make room for new things” in her life. Rakers now works as a book author or as the editor of an online magazine that deals with growing vegetables, keeping chickens or recipes.

The interview only actually got down to business when Menger asked her colleague “the really important questions”. In the show segment, guests must answer random questions written on a pile of cards spread face down on the table in front of them. “What do you really do when you’re all alone?” was the first random question Rakers was confronted with. “Well, all things that have to do with nakedness. Lying naked on the bed, running around the house naked. Things like that,” she didn’t seem at a loss for an answer after some thought.

“Fear” of Jan Hofer

“There’s no one there?” Menger asked again at this point, probably knowing that Rakers separated from her husband Andreas Pfaff in 2017 after eight years of marriage. “No, I don’t want that. So no,” Rakers replied with a laugh, revealing that she is apparently still single.

“I don’t like going to the sauna either,” the former “Tagesschau” spokeswoman also divulged and also revealed the strange reason for this: “I’m always afraid that I’ll run into my former chief spokesman Jan Hofer there.” Rakers could gradually overcome this phobia, after all, Hofer, who now works for RTL, has only been her ex-colleague for three years now.

Rakers also revealed that her first fee for distributing advertising flyers was “8.20 marks or something.” And that as a presenter you also achieved some unusual fan requests, for example whether she could do without a pair of “worn shoes”. That’s really worth running away from – even if that’s not why Rakers ran away from the “Tagesschau”.

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