According to the plus size model, the airplane seats should be made bigger, because she will not change her shape

Airplane seats are not exactly the most comfortable seating arrangements, as almost everyone who has ever traveled on an airplane complains about. The 26 year old Gracie Bon wants to start a petition for the airlines to change this.

In her Instagram videos, she shows that neither the seat in first class nor the two seats in economy class are suitable for her special shape. It’s 2024, bodies are changing, make bigger seats – the model demands.

In the description of the video, he asks the commenters to leave him real solutions, not nasty comments, after a lot of repulsive opinions were expressed after his previous video with similar content. There he showed the first class seat, which was not suitable for him, and he got the answer from someone

It’s your fault, take two seats and move on.

In the second video, he showed that this is not an optimal solution either.

Airplanes are too small for big people. It’s 2024, bodies are changing, and so should airplanes. I’m not losing my butt just to fit on a plane so give me another solution or increase the seats

says the model, who thinks it’s not her fault that she has a big butt. “This is a petition to the airlines so that big women like me can fly.”

However, the commentators do not really understand her problem, according to the Mirror, there are those who bring up that she has operated on herself to have such a big butt, and then she should not complain.

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