A year ago at this time: they refused to let their baby receive “vaccinated blood”.

Although the coronavirus epidemic was on the wane at the end of 2022, the news of the New Zealand couple who had to take action against the guardianship authorities after they refused to consent to their heart disease baby receiving the blood of a person who had been vaccinated against the virus stirred up a lot of dust. .

At this time last year, half the world was burning with football fever. The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar had several memorable moments, such as when Lionel Messi he finally became a world champion at the head of the Argentine national team. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The Argentine national team’s journey to the World Cup was not only full of excitement on the pitch. On the fourth of December, for example, the players could be nervous because their relatives accompanying them had to unexpectedly leave their hotel in the middle of the night.

A year ago, Netflix presented one of the biggest fiascos in the history of the advertising industry, when Pepsi advertised its current sweepstakes with the possibility of winning a fighter jet. And someone took the offer so seriously that it turned into a multi-year lawsuit.

In December 2022, the Real world 11. series, however, the host, Aniko Nádai after the excitement of the first couple of weeks—like when Reni and Brown they had sex on the couch so that Red he knelt there beside them – he decided not to host the show any longer.

Let’s say, in his statement announcing his retirement, he did not justify the move with the content of the show.

The Great He last year’s series ended exactly one year ago Tim won it Attila Arpa his heart. However, their joy didn’t last long, as news broke that same week that they were no longer together.

After such events, perhaps it is not so surprising that Levente Szörényi he upset the mood by declaring that, in his opinion, it has once again been proven that the West does not need us. Although the artist who won the Kossuth Award and Ferenc Erkel Award did not explain this with the scandals of reality shows.

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