“A program with Fiorello? It’s not planned”

“I actually said this before this latest edition. I felt and feel that it is the right time to close after five years“. Word of Amadeus who, interviewed by Bruno Vespa in the ‘Five minutes’ program broadcast on Rai1, reiterated his decision to leave the helm of the Sanremo Festival which ended last Saturday with the victory of Angelina Mango.

Amadeus also commented on the vast success that the festival achieved, followed, on the final evening, by 14,301,000 viewers equal to a 74.1% share. Results achieved “by bringing music that young people like, that parents also like and that grandparents also like. So contemporary music, creating a climate of freedom and true friendship. Young people need to come together and with Sanremo they have done it again moreover”. According to Amadeus “Italian music has changed. The podium is the youngest in recent years or perhaps ever” and represents “the music that everyone likes at the moment”.

As for the jury, “at this moment I believe it was the right solution. If you only televote every evening, practically after the first evening you already know who won the festival. So it’s not easy every year to find a fair jury. I liked this one a lot“, replies Amadeus.

As for Geolier, who dominated the televoting, however arriving only second after Angelina Mango, Amadeus recalls that “in the press room ranking on the first evening Geolier was not in the top five, that is, in the top five. I don’t know what position he occupied, honestly I don’t I know. Certainly, he wasn’t in the top five. So let’s say that the press didn’t see him on the podium at that moment. The radio stations, in my opinion, were divided, more or less. Clearly the televote was for Geolier.”

Then, about the possibility of realizing a program with Fiorello after the Sanremo Festival, he replies: “It’s not there, it’s not expected, it’s not in our plans Right now”.

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