What crazy story did you experience at Carnival?

Fasnacht, Carnival, Fastnacht, Fassenacht, Fasnet, Fasching, Fastabend, Fastelovend, Fasteleer or the fifth season: what exactly is that? The names refer to customs that celebrate the period before the forty days of Lent. It begins with Ash Wednesday and serves as preparation for Easter.

Today it’s all about artistic masks, colorful costumes, shrill music and culinary specialties. The best-known events include the Basel and Lucerne carnivals, the Rabadan in Bellinzona, the Chienbäse in Liestal, the Tschäggättä in the Lötschental as well as the carnival in Freiburg and the Brandons in Vaud.

So the time for foolish parades is here again – and what does that mean for us? We want to hear your funniest, craziest or coolest carnival stories. What did you experience at a carnival that you just can’t forget? Tell us about it below in the form. If you want, you can also send photos.

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