Weekly horoscope: Gemini should not be too critical, Virgo can finally settle their debts


(III. 21.–IV. 20.)

Love: Neptune affecting his natal ruler makes him a dreamer, perhaps even more sleepy. If your loved one is also an Aries, they can undoubtedly have a good time together. But, if not, their bed can be used for other purposes, don’t forget that!

Health: You may feel dizzy, and even worse, fainting may occur. In this case, you should think about why you don’t want to be aware of the outside world, why you fall into unconscious states?

Work, money: Perhaps you have taken on too much, you think the problems towering in front of you are too big. Find connections, companions you can trust, who will support you! If you have someone to lean on, you can take it a lot now!


(IV. 21.–Sun. 20.)

Love: Its ruling planet, Venus, is conjunct Neptune. As the influence of the two benefic planets urges you to seek the joyful side of life, this can easily trigger you into hedonistic actions.

Health: You should also look for quality pleasures in life, such as culture, sports, and the beauty of nature. Pursuing only the pleasures of the body can easily lead to obesity or digestive problems.

Work, money: You can still expect to work a lot. Due to sudden changes, there will be times when you have to prepare the same thing twice. Try to get a good picture for it!


(Sun. 21.-VI. 21.)

Love: Computer games are a hidden source of danger: you can easily mistake your computer for real contacts! The online community is not a real community. Not even if failure is more tolerable when pursued in an impersonal form.

Health: The position of Jupiter primarily draws attention to liver diseases and their possible endangerment. Malice should be avoided: i.e. don’t look for situations that cause anger!

Work, money: Avoid being overly critical in both personal and work relationships! This is recommended even if you are just as ruthless with yourself as you are with others. His colleagues are not comforted by this.


(VI. 22.–VII. 22.)

Love: You can easily be overcome by some kind of longing. This is caused by the many planets in the dark house, and the fact that its ruling planet is also connected to Neptune, which has a fogging effect. A secret love may ignite in his heart.

Health: You can become gloomy and resigned, which in severe cases can even manifest as depressive symptoms in your everyday life. In this case, you should think about why you are running away from the activity?

Work, money: If you’re having a lot of failures somewhere, maybe you should look elsewhere. This field is most likely to be the workplace. Money is not everything, you should also find joy in your work in order to feel good.


(VII. 23.–VIII. 22.)

Love: If your love impulses run into inhibitions and you cannot express your anger and hatred towards your partner, it can lead to stuck relationships in your relationship. Sometimes it’s good to fight.

Health: You may especially enjoy sports, and muscle-building regimens and workouts may prove effective. If you swallow the poison, it can cause stomach problems after some time. You can also expect mucositis and stomach ulcers.

Work, money: The Sun in light angle with Uranus makes you strong-willed and ready for action, which is very good news, because you have something to do. It is best if you can channel these overwhelming energies in a positive way in your work. Cut your ax into a big tree!


(VIII. 23.–IX. 22.)

Love: If you are lonely, you need to think about what makes you afraid of your individuality, what makes you feel threatened. Perhaps he is too withdrawn and hard, rigid and full of prejudices, or he feels threatened and therefore has no companion.

Health: Pluto draws attention to problems affecting your skin. During the winter season, you may just need more care, especially on your face and hands. But you may also have more serious skin problems.

Work, money: Your stars indicate a very favorable period in terms of finances. It’s true that this abundance won’t last too long, but you can pay off a lot of debt or spend it on bigger investments.


(IX. 23.–X. 22.)

Love: The best and the worst can still happen to you. Everything can now depend on your choices in several areas of your life, including, of course, love and relationships. Make a good decision!

Health: Now you can decide whether to continue a self-destructive lifestyle or choose the path of prudence and devotion. Choose your food carefully! His repressions and anxieties should also be followed.

Work, money: By embarking on a healthier outlook on life, you may even decide to change jobs. This is especially useful if your current job threatens not only your mental health, but also your physical health.


(X. 23.–XI. 21.)

Love: One of her ruling planets, Pluto, is conjunct the other, Mars, indicating that her love life seems to be picking up steam. However, if you encounter difficulties and repressions in the area of ​​these impulses, you may become ill.

Health: You may be more susceptible to diseases associated with inflammation and fever. But mental causes can also lead to diseases, primarily in the genital area or the lower abdomen. All the more, the more he tries to cover them up.

Work, money: You can now feel that your working conditions are really ideal, and you won’t be upset if serious arguments take place with your colleagues. The main thing is that they always find solutions in the end. They respect each other.


(XI. 22.–XII. 21.)

Love: The disease can also be eloquent in the field of love: pollen allergy is a symbol of fear of sexuality and fertilization. Fur allergy tells about the inability to accept kindness and love.

Health: Jupiter, which is in the life area of ​​illness, draws attention to mysterious illnesses. All the more so since Mercury is in a difficult light angle with it. If you are struggling with an allergic disease, you should think about what you are allergic to. That is, what is he really afraid of?

Work, money: He increasingly feels and understands the reasons for the chaotic conditions at work. All the more so, since Mercury – i.e. the planet of understanding – is also moving towards Neptune in its sign. Now would be your chance to change things somehow.


(XII. 22.–I. 19.)

Love: He feels that his skin and hair have lost their old shine, and this is also bothering him in his love relationship. It is true that this is mostly only called an aesthetic problem, but it can also reveal something about your spiritual life. Happiness makes you beautiful.

Health: If you don’t move enough, this can easily lead to cellulite, i.e. a cellulite problem. Connective tissue congestion can indicate childhood trauma. Clinging to the past and fear of independence.

Work, money: Venus in its sign can usually bring a lot of good changes to your life: your self-confidence can increase and, standing together with Mars, you can also increase your strength. He can handle more not only physically, but also mentally, and he longs for greater challenges.


(I. 20.–II. 18.)

Love: The risk of losing the illusion may be greater, but it is by no means inevitable! Just choose the right place for your date with due care, and in your clothing, choose what is beneficial instead of fashionable!

Health: You may find great joy in some kind of sport these days. If it’s skiing or other dangerous sports, be sure to equip yourself with the appropriate protective equipment!

Work, money: If you have recently changed jobs, you may find the challenges and the novelty especially enjoyable. And if it is in the well-established old place, then you can introduce innovations yourself.


(II. 19.–III. 20.)

Love: Saturn, which is influencing you more and more strongly now, makes you considerate, but the connection with Jupiter can also hide dangers. You may become too sad, depressed, or even give in to your loneliness. Do not do it!

Health: If a negative emotional state becomes permanent, the energies passing through your body cannot flow properly. Blockages and blockages can occur, which can cause diseases in individual organs.

Work, money: A hardening of views and a hardening of the world view can also be characteristic at this time. However, this can even come in handy at work: it can be perfect now for a leadership position, especially where strictness is required.

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