Weather Switzerland: It remains mild


SwitzerlandWinter takes a break: This is what the weather will be like this week

Local precipitation is still possible on Monday, then it will become widely sunny. It remains mild for the season.

Konstantin Furrer
  • This week too it will be significantly too mild.

  • The weather remains unstable.

  • Rain and sun alternate.

There is little to suggest that we actually still have winter in Switzerland. And that’s how it remains this week: temperatures in the lowlands will be in the double digits throughout the week.

There will still be precipitation in the Zurich region and eastern Switzerland on Monday. In the following days the sun appears again and again.

Fresh snow in the mountains on Monday

It will also be very mild. After ten degrees on Monday in the lowlands, temperatures rise to 14 degrees over the course of the week. The next small disruption will occur on Friday. Precipitation is to be expected.

It is likely to stay dry throughout the week in Ticino. On Tuesday there will probably be a cloudless sky there. Temperatures range between twelve and 13 degrees throughout the week.

On Monday and Tuesday the snowfall limit is between 900 and 1000 meters, after which it rises to up to 2000 meters. Above 1300 meters there will be up to 15 centimeters of fresh snow on Monday night.

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