Von der Leyen did not even raise an eyebrow at the Hungarian poster campaign

The national consultation and the poster campaign are the business of the Hungarian national authorities, especially since no one consulted the European Commission in this regard, he said on Monday Eric Mamerthe board’s spokesperson, according to his report.

Mamer explained that he believes in the intelligence of the Hungarian population and at the same time invited all those interested to obtain authentic information about what the European Commission does and does not do from the committee’s documents or through the contact persons.

The spokesman showed a photo of that poster To Ursula von der Leyenat which the president and George Soros son, Alex Soros is included.

Von der Leyen didn’t even raise an eyebrow

he described the reaction.

He also added that it is not the first and probably not the last time that such a campaign is launched in Hungary. Despite this, the European Commission is not planning to launch a counter-campaign.

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