Viktor Orbán didn’t even say a word about Katalin Novák’s resignation – but Gábor Török talks about professional compensation

Until this article was written, the most recent post on the Prime Minister’s social media page is about the amendment to the law on pedophiles. Likewise, there was no response from the government, nor did spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi make a new post about the announcements.

However, political analyst Gábor Török spoke up and gave the following assessment of the situation:

“We saw a professional rescue. Like when a cancerous tissue is cut out with the right consistency and ruthlessness. In the past few days, it was well understood in the power factory that the pardon granted by Katalin Novák is a truly life-threatening matter, the fastest possible solution of which is this type of surgical excision or amputation. We cannot be completely sure that this will solve all the related problems, Török added, but according to him, in a political sense, from the point of view of utilitarianism, the best and fastest possible decision was made.

According to Viktor Orbán’s wording, the pardon case also hit the heart of Fidesz’s politics. The protection of children is one of the most important matters for the ruling party.

Moreover, this is not an abstract topic, but something that is also a topic at the dinner table, i.e. it concerns almost everyone, is easily transparent and has only one moral side – explained Gábor Török.

This is therefore not a divisive matter at all, as Katalin Novák said about pardon cases. And for a political party, it is always life-threatening if it ends up on the wrong side in such a case.

Fidesz measured the possible consequences and after Viktor Orbán’s speech, it was clear what would happen, said Török, who himself wrote on Friday that Katalin Novák’s political career was over.

It has not yet been revealed what exactly happened in this case, but we could see professional compensation – he evaluated the situation for our Török newspaper:

“Politically, what is important now is that public opinion received such a significant victim, which roughly settles the case.”

Compared to the impotent state the opposition had been in for a long time, it reacted to the scandal in a surprisingly adequate manner and was able to take advantage of it. – opined the analyst. “The high ball came and now they didn’t hit it. They didn’t have a hard time in this matter, we could even say: Fidesz now had a hard time because the opposition didn’t have a hard time in this case”.

No matter how much the case of the pardon scandal was settled in a week, according to the political analyst, there are still torturous questions for the ruling party. For example, since 2010, two of the three presidents of the Republic of Fidesz had to resign prematurely.

He sees that now the playing field is opening up for the opposition as well. Although the opposition does not have a chance to decide on a new head of state due to the lack of a parliamentary majority, if they can put forward a common, consensual and acceptable counter-candidate to the general public, who is able to show the unity of the nation, then they can significantly complicate the situation of Fidesz in terms of choosing anyone as head of state. they can do it.

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