“Viktor Orbán also decided on the three most recent presidents of Hungary” – DK and Jobbik initiate direct presidential elections

President Katalin Novák has resigned. Former Minister of Justice Judit Varga has resigned from all positions and is retiring from public life!

Klára Dobrev writes on Facebook, “The three most recent presidents of Hungary were also decided by Viktor Orbán. Two of them failed even before the end of their term of office, and the third functioned only as a weightless signature machine, never for a moment fulfilling the real role of the president of the republic.”

In order to prevent this from happening again, in accordance with the program of the Shadow Government, we are taking the initiative so that the people, not Viktor Orbán and the Parliament, decide on the person of the new president of the republic, as it works perfectly in most European countries.

he emphasizes.

He adds that a necessary proposal will be submitted to the parliament, and in order to minimize the costs of the direct election of the President of the Republic, it is suggested that this election also on June 9, at the same time as the European Parliament and municipal elections.

At the same time, we are also launching a signature collection in addition to the direct election of the President of the Republic, in order to gain the support of as many Hungarians as possible. Orbán must not be allowed to choose again

he concluded his lines.

Let our country finally have a president who truly embodies the unity of the nation!

– says Jobbik in a statement sent to our newspaper.

“It was enough that the president of Fidesz, Viktor Orbán, installs his own loyal party soldiers in one of the most important dignities, the presidency of the republic. We demand that candidates for president of the republic measure themselves directly. We trust that Orbán will announce the amendment to the Basic Law with the same record speed on this issue as he rushed to help Katalin Novák a few days ago, to no avail. Katalin Novák failed with her disgraceful act, but Judit Varga, the other protagonist of the vile pedophile grace, cannot escape prosecution either. Judit Varga must also resign from her position. The political responsibility obviously rests with the boss of both, Viktor Orbán.

We believe that one of the most important tasks of the president of the republic is to embody the unity of the nation with his person, and that he cannot represent the nation authentically in any other way than by being directly elected by the members of the nation!”

That is why today, once again, for the first time, we have submitted our amendment to the Basic Law aimed at the direct election of the President of the Republic

they closed their ranks.

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