Vice President Harris: “Ready to serve my country”


USAVice President Harris: “Ready to serve my country”

In an interview, US Vice President Kamala Harris says she is ready to serve her country. This statement comes at a special time.

  • The age of US President Joe Biden is always the focus.

  • Voters see Biden’s old age as a major weakness of the US Democrat.

  • The Republicans enjoy exploiting Biden’s verbal missteps.

Amid debate over US President Joe Biden’s age, Vice President Kamala Harris has highlighted her willingness to serve her country. «I am ready to serve my country. There is no doubt about that,” said the Democrat in an interview published by the Wall Street Journal on Monday. Everyone who sees her at work concludes that she is capable of leading.

Report on Biden

According to the newspaper, the interview was conducted two days before the release of a special counsel report that contained unflattering assessments of President Biden’s memory. In the report, special investigator Robert Hur dealt with the 81-year-old’s document affair and decided not to press charges.

What caused a stir, however, was the assessment that Biden seemed like a “well-meaning, older man with a bad memory.” Hur also cited the president’s supposedly poor memory as an argument that a jury would never find the president guilty in a hypothetical trial.

Republicans exploit Biden’s missteps

The comments caused a stir nine months before the US presidential election, in which Biden is expected to face his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump.

Voters see Biden’s old age as a major weakness for the US Democrat, who is already the oldest president in US history and repeatedly causes a stir with slips of the tongue and mix-ups. The Republicans enjoy exploiting Biden’s verbal missteps – even though their prospective presidential candidate Trump also repeatedly raises eyebrows with bizarre statements.

The US Constitution provides that the vice president takes the place of the president when the president dies or is no longer able to fulfill his duties. However, that does not mean that Harris will automatically become the Democratic presidential nominee if Biden drops out of the race before the election.

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