US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on the road to recovery. When will he resume his duties

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, hospitalized on the outskirts of Washington, is recovering well after a procedure under general anesthesia.

he would resume his duties on Tuesday, according to his doctors quoted in a statement sent by the Pentagon, writes AFP.

“We foresee a successful recovery”, the doctors wrote on Monday, specifying that “they do not expect a prolonged hospitalization” of the head of the Pentagon, who was admitted to an intensive care unit on Sunday for a bladder problem.

The health of the defense secretary is being watched closely after several recent hospitalizations kept secret for prostate cancer.

This time, the White House and Congress were informed about the minister’s state of health before hospitalization, his spokesman, Pat Ryder, informed on Monday.

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As of Sunday, 17:00 local time (22:00 GMT), Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks will assume the duties of the head of the Pentagon.

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder could not say Monday whether Lloyd Austin would resume his duties “at the hospital or at home.”

He indicated, however, that a trip by the defense secretary to Brussels, planned for this week, has been cancelled.

According to the minister’s doctors, the problem with the urinary bladder should not influence the prognosis related to the treatment of his cancer which “remains excellent”

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