Unknown man attacks woman and dog in Allschwil


Allschwil BLSince the attack on the dog, the owner no longer dares to leave the house

An unknown man tried to snatch a woman’s handbag while she was walking and kicked one of her dogs. Now she no longer dares to leave the house.

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  • On Saturday, a woman was attacked by an unknown man while walking her two dogs.

  • He tried to snatch her handbag from her. When she resisted, the man kicked one of the dogs.

  • The attack bothers her so much that she no longer dares to leave her apartment. As soon as she can, she wants to file a complaint against the stranger.

A woman was walking with her two beagles in the commercial area in Allschwil BL on Saturday when an unknown man tried to snatch her handbag from behind, her ex-boyfriend told 20 Minutes.

The woman defended herself against the stranger, whereupon he tried to kick her. He met one of the dogs “who bravely wanted to protect his owner.” The woman stepped back from the stranger and kept her leather bag (Coach brand) firmly in her grip. The attacker then fled. The dog then had to be taken to the vet because of the kick.

The victim no longer dares to leave the apartment

The attack left its mark. The victim was so frightened that he wouldn’t leave his apartment. Even a direct conversation lasting 20 minutes would be too much for the woman at this point. For this reason, she asked her ex-boyfriend to communicate.

Although she is a passionate carnival participant, she cannot attend the parade this year. The fear of leaving the apartment is too great. However, nothing physically happened to her during the fight with the attacker.

After the attack, the woman immediately called the police emergency number. “As soon as she feels confident, she will file a complaint against someone unknown,” said the ex-boyfriend.

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