Ukraine: Russian drone strikes in Kharkiv, 7 dead including 3 children

The fire destroyed 14 houses.

The drones hit a gas station, causing a large fire.

New Russian drone strikes in Ukraine. Seven people were killed, including three children, on Saturday during nighttime strikes targeting a gas station in , a town in eastern Ukraine, announced the region’s governor, Oleg Sinegoubov. “Among them are three children: a 7-year-old, a 4-year-old and a baby of around six months”he added.

Drones, “hit a gas station and caused a spill of flaming fuel, which caused 14 private homes to catch fire”indicated the mayor of the city Igor Terekhov, specifying that the fire covered a large area and had led to the evacuation of around fifty people.

14 houses destroyed

“There was a huge amount of fuel” spilled, “which explains why the fire was so terrible”said Kharkiv regional prosecutor Oleksandr Filachkov, referring to the gas station. “At 6 a.m., the fight to extinguish the flames continued, 14 houses (were) destroyed”indicated Kharkiv police chief Volodymyr Timochko, quoted by the Suspilne newspaper.

Saturday’s attack comes after a series of nighttime strikes in Kharkiv and further east, in the town of Velykyi Burlouk.

The governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleg Sinegubov, previously said that civilian areas were affected in both localities, including a cafe in Velykyi Burlouk.

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