Trump rejects criticism of NATO: Member States should help Ukraine as much as the US. “Otherwise, it will be ‘America First'”

Former American President Donald Trump rejects the many criticisms regarding the threats he made regarding NATO, without going back on the one by which he said he would “encourage” Russia to attack member states of the Alliance.

“I made NATO strong, and even the democrats on the radical left and the fake republicans admit that,” he boasts on his Truth Social social network.

“When we told the 20 countries that were not paying their fair share that they had to pay (and that) otherwise they would no longer benefit from American protection, the money flowed in waves,” he assures.

“But, now that I’m not there anymore to say “you have to pay”, look, they’re starting again”, says the billionaire.


Donald Trump, who will probably face Joe Biden in the presidential elections in November, regularly criticizes NATO members for not respecting their commitments regarding military spending.

He criticized on Monday the amount of money released by the United States to help Ukraine – compared to the American partners in the Alliance – while Congress debates the approval of a new tire for Kiev.

“We help Ukraine with more than 100 billion dollars more than NATO”, assures Trump.

“NATO must equalize and do it now,” he thundered.

“Otherwise, it will be ‘America first'”, threatens the former businessman, referring to his foreign policy doctrine from his mandate at the White House (2017-2021).

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