They wanted to marry Irénke against her will, and now she is being threatened with eviction

He has violated the house rules, is loud, disturbs the peace, insults and threatens his neighbors and the employees of the retirement home – these are in the letter that Irénke Plajos Józsefné received from the office in the past few days. She is the retired woman whom the municipality would oblige to marry her partner, József, with whom she has been living together for 14 years. However, Irénke does not want to get married, and she has informed the office of this. A few weeks later, he received a threatening letter containing what he claimed were false accusations.

If she doesn’t get married, Irénke will be put on the street

The office would tie up the retired woman’s head because her partner, József, is only 57 years old, is not of retirement age and thus cannot live with her in the house.

In August of last year, the retired woman was able to move into one of the apartments of the building, which is exclusively inhabited by the elderly, for a discounted rent. Before that, she lived in homeless shelters for 15 years, and ended up on the streets after the death of her husband. Only a small widow’s pension remained from the marriage.

If she were to marry or only enter into a cohabitation contract with József, she would lose her late husband’s allowance and would not come out of her money. Even so, he has to take up work at the age of 73. That is why the old woman is defying the municipality, putting her cheap housing at risk.

An eviction moratorium gives Irénke a reprieve – He doesn’t want to get married, but he would be forced to marry

The press department of the Mayor’s Office announced to Vasárnapi Blikk: “the notice sent for violating the rules of cohabitation is not a threatening letter, it drew attention to the consequences of violating the house rules and is in no way related to the family law situation of Józsefné Plajos.”

As it was written, the Budapest municipality, as a landlord, is responsible for the tranquility of the housing of all tenants living in the building. Regarding the complaints, Irénke was interviewed personally, so the letter could not have reached the woman unexpectedly.

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