“The second president of the republic of Fidesz has failed. This is no accident” – Péter Ungár is now waiting for an explanation from Viktor Orbán, which Katalin Novák did not provide

As Blikk also reported, Katalin Novák and Judit Varga resigned after the head of state pardoned Endre K., who tried to cover up pedophile crimes. The former president of the republic and Judit Varga, who countersigned the head of state’s decision as justice minister, also admitted that they made a mistake, but there is still no explanation as to why they decided to pardon.

The co-chairman of the LMP writes on his Facebook page that Viktor Orbán must give an explanation:

The President of the Republic of Hungary has resigned. Katalin Novák made the right decision, but at the same time, with her decision, she cannot repair the damage that we, Hungarians, have all suffered. Public trust has suffered huge wounds and people can rightly question their elected politicians: how could this happen? Why and on what grounds?

We have a right to know, people expect an explanation. Hungarian citizens deserve that their elected leaders, whom they directly or indirectly elected as public dignitaries, give them an explanation. If Katalin Novák decided not to give them this explanation when she left, then Viktor Orbán has to do it.

The second president of the republic of Fidesz fails. This is no accident. It’s not a mistake. It’s not an oversight. It’s not a mistake. We have to suspect that this happens because they are incapable of consensus and compromise. When the unity of the nation should be shown, when it should be tested, they fail. They do not represent all of us, and they make decisions driven by partial interests.

We don’t have to talk about Katalin Novák: the Eternal only sees what consequences of her actions she will have to endure. We need to talk about who should do what in order to earn the trust of the Hungarian people. It is therefore the turn of the governing parties and their leaders to answer people’s legitimate questions.

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