The reason why a couple of brides and grooms canceled the wedding four days before. They were abandoned by godparents, parents and friends

A young Canadian woman has canceled her fairytale wedding after asking guests to give her $1,500 each as a wedding gift.

The bride and groom imposed this amount on their guests to make sure they covered their $42,000 wedding expenses.

“We sent out the invitations and they were supposed to confirm that they would give us the wedding money we asked for, $1,500 each, but only 8 people let us know they would attend.” said Susan, the Canadian bride, appropriately

The bride and groom were also abandoned by their godparents after sending the invitations and due to financial difficulties, they made the decision to cancel the wedding just four days before the event. Also, the groom’s parents and several friends chose not to come.

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“Suddenly, several people withdrew, including the godmother. My best friend since childhood. My second family. I was so shocked and sad to the point of tears!” added the young woman.

They broke up because of the refusal of the guests

Susan announced to her friends and family on Facebook that she had called off the wedding and stated that she and her fiance had broken up.

“Dear friends, it is with great sadness that I have to inform you that I have canceled the wedding. I’m sorry it’s only four days before. Unfortunately, my fiance and I have split up due to recent and irreparable issues. We have decided to end the relationship and not to proceed with any future proceedings in this regard.” Susan wrote.

She mentioned that they broke up due to the refusal of the guests and that their request was not at all out of the ordinary.

“I asked, I mean I specifically asked, for cash gifts. How could we have had the wedding we dreamed of without the proper financing?. We sacrificed so much and only asked each guest about $1,500. We talked to a few people who actually promised us more to make our dream come true. Our request for $1,500 was not at all out of the ordinary…If you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited.”, she said.

Why did they want an extravagant wedding?

Susan said their wedding cost so much because their love was like a fairy tale. “We wanted an extravagant wedding… A local clairvoyant told us to choose the most expensive option, and we thought why not?”.

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