The new president | Bruce Oreck: Finland can be proud of its political culture, the same cannot be said about the United States

“No no longer be Alex’s team. There is no longer Peka’s team. There is only and only the Finnish team”, he stated Alexander Stubbwhen he arrived Pekka Haaviston to the election supervisors at Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo on election night on Sunday.

Stubb had just been elected the 13th president of Finland.

He thanked Haavisto for the election campaign and stated that it is difficult for him to imagine any other country that “is capable of holding such fair, honest and respectful competitions in such a world political situation”.

The former US ambassador to Finland was in the same mood Bruce Oreck on Monday.

“You should be proud of yourselves. You have shown what democracy is at its best,” Oreck tells HS by phone from Mexico.

His in his opinion, Stubb’s visit to Haavisto’s supervisors was a very nice gesture. Oreck couldn’t imagine something similar happening anywhere else.

He fondly remembers the former president of the United States Barack Obama’s the first presidential election campaign.

“It was a very civilized campaign. Unfortunately, our political culture has completely changed sir (Donald) Trump’s with.”

Oreck says he is worried about his homeland.

“It’s not about whether you agree with Trump or not. It’s that our elections have turned into street fights. It does not serve democracy. Not at all.”

In this complicated world with fake news, it is the job of political leaders to keep the conversation factual and honest, Oreck continues.

Also Finnish democracy and the warm relations between the presidential candidates were praised on social media.

“If only we could see equally fair and respectful campaigns in other future elections around the world,” wrote the deputy director of the Estonian Center for International Defense Research Kristi Raik message service in X.

Former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt stated in X that the biggest winner in the Finnish presidential election is not Alexander Stubb but Finland itself.

“What a respectful campaign between two capable candidates, and on election night, the first-place finisher showed up at the second-place finisher’s to show their respect,” Bildt wrote.

Bruce Oreck worked as the US ambassador to Finland from autumn 2009 to summer 2015. The special relationship with Finland has been preserved. Oreck is still involved in the project related to the Helsinki Machine Shop.

In addition, he has a real estate business in the United States. For part of the year, 71-year-old Oreck lives in Mexico.

“I try to stay out of the public eye. I enjoy being in nature and surfing,” he says about his recent activities.

Oreck says that he got to know Stubb and Haavisto during his time as ambassador, and in his opinion, both would have been very qualified for the position of president.

Stubby Oreck credits his language skills and international experience.

In a chaotic world situation, the president’s task in Finland is not easy, he says.

Oreck believes that Finland, as Russia’s neighbor, currently plays a larger role in world politics than its size.

“In these times, Finland has a special position on the world stage. You have a long experience in Russia and a long border with Russia. Finland’s knowledge and skill about Russia is more important than ever before.”

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