The new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: To win, the methods of war must be changed

Sirskis took over the leadership of the armed forces from his predecessor, General Valery Zaluzhny.

Praised for his success on the battlefield, Sirsky has also been criticized for his choice of tactics, as well as for his defense of Bakhmut, which claimed the lives of countless Ukrainian soldiers and ultimately fell into enemy hands.

He has been accused of indifference to military casualties and it is understandable that he is not particularly loved among the soldiers.

Sirskis tried to refute these claims, stating in a statement on his “Telegram” channel that the lives of soldiers have always been and will be the main value of Ukraine.

He began his speech by thanking the soldiers, sergeants, and also Zaluzhnyi for the implementation of operational plans, which made it possible to save the lives of thousands of civilians and protect the territory of Ukraine from occupation.

“Your courage, professionalism, devotion to the defense of the motherland and perseverance in the execution of combat tasks are the basis of the stability of our defense and prevent the enemy from realizing their aggressive intentions,” Sirskis wrote.

But at the same time, he said that there are new tasks on the agenda. First of all, logistics and communication on the battlefield must be arranged.

Sirskis wrote that there is a need for clear and detailed operational planning of all military command and control structures, formations and units, taking into account the front’s needs for the latest weapons supplied by international partners.

“As quickly and rationally as possible, distributing and delivering everything necessary to combat units has always been and remains the main task of military logistics,” he said.

“The task of headquarters at all levels is to know all – and without exception – the needs of the front line and to be aware of the situation in each region. It is the qualification of military command and control personnel that is decisive for the development and successful implementation of ideas and plans,” he continued.

Despite his success on the battlefield, Sirskis is not as popular as his predecessor Zaluzhny and has so far earned a reputation as a ruthless warlord – that is, there is an opinion that he is indifferent to military casualties.

However, in his first statement after taking office, he tried to overturn this notion.

“The life and health of soldiers has always been and remains the main value of the Ukrainian army. Therefore, maintaining a balance between the performance of combat tasks and the regeneration of units and subunits, strengthening the education and training of personnel, remains as important as ever,” he expressed.

And Sirskis, just like his predecessor Zaluzhny, emphasized the importance of introducing and developing new technical solutions on the battlefield.

He wrote that the use and expansion of successful experiences such as unmanned systems and modern electronic warfare is one of the future vectors to achieve victory in this war.

“Only change and continuous improvement of the means and methods of war will allow us to succeed on this path. And of course, a reliable rear is one of the key ingredients for overall success in war,” added the new Commander-in-Chief, likely hinting at the government’s strong support in decision-making he expects.

The experienced general will have to solve countless problems, one of which is quite significant is the stalled movement on the 1000-kilometer long front line in Ukraine.

More than a year of fighting has reached a stalemate, and the forward movement of Ukrainian forces at the front has stopped for a long time.

Also, it is still not clear what kind of support Ukraine can expect in the near future. While the leaders of the European Union agreed in early February on long-term support for Ukraine in the amount of 50 billion euros, due to internal political disputes in the United States, a concrete agreement on aid to the war-affected country has not yet been reached.

Sirsky took over the command of the army at a time when there is uncertainty about what resources will be available to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia adjusts its economy to the needs of the war, increasing production and recruiting new soldiers.

There are reports that Russia is attacking Ukraine with North Korean missiles. The publication “The Insider” reports that Russia even continues to receive weapons from the West – the aggressor country continues to receive supplies from Italy’s leading arms manufacturers – sniper rifles, pistols and ammunition for these weapons.

At the same time, Ukraine is critically short of artillery shells and the issue of future military aid is also stuck in the US Senate.

As recently as last week, Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said in a report to Western allies that Ukraine was currently unable to fire more than 2,000 projectiles per day, about a third of what Russia fires per day on average.

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