The mother of a teenage girl killed by two boys she met on the Internet is sounding the alarm

Brianna Ghey’s mother has called for her killing to be a “turning point” in how society views the “mess” of the internet, warning that a generation of anxious youth will grow up unregulated

Esther Ghey said technology companies have a “moral responsibility” to restrict access to harmful online content.

She advocates a total ban on social media access for minors under 16 – a move currently under debate in some legislatures, including Florida in the US.

She believes her daughter was vulnerable after spending so much time online, being cut off from her real-life friends. Ghey said he still believes Brianna would be alive if her killers had not been able to access violent content on the dark web as well as the regular internet, where she was on February 11 last year.

Speaking to The Guardian, the 37-year-old said tech bosses are also to blame when it comes to the wave of anxiety and mental health issues affecting children, which she said has led to “ a complete lack of resilience of young people”.

She said tech companies should reflect not only on Brianna’s killing, but also on the “young people who have taken their own lives” as a result of their harmful online experiences.

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