The Croatian opposition fears that the new Prosecutor General would follow Orbán’s path

February 12, 2024 – 09:36

In a few days, Mošemo, one of the most significant Croatian opposition parties, will submit a report to the European Commission against the government of Andrej Plenković, in which they will write that the government has violated the commitments that Croatia promised when it joined the EU.

The representative of the party said that the Green-Left Party would add to their proposal the recent interview given to the new prosecutor Ivan Turudić and his evaluation: according to this, Croatia does not need a European Prosecutor’s Office, since several other EU members do not.

“This clearly shows what we all feared: that Turudić will use the position of chief prosecutor to obstruct the work of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Croatia,” one representative was quoted as saying. “In this way, only Hungary remains a role model for Andrej Plenković,” the representative emphasized, and also said that “it is clear to everyone why Hungary did not join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, and now it is also clear that we have a state prosecutor who would support Viktor Orbán Hungarian Prime Minister’s policy. This shows the political direction of Plenković’s government”.

The election of the new chief prosecutor has been an important topic in Croatia for days. While Prime Minister Plenković and the governor’s center-right HDZ wholeheartedly supported Turudić’s election, almost all opposition parties opposed it.

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