The head of the council of the German Evangelical Church, Annette Kurschus, resigned from her post on Monday in connection with accusations that she covered up the case of a church employee suspected of sexual assault.

Annette Kurschus

Annette Kurschus announces her resignation in Bielefeld on November 20, 2023

Kurschus denied that she knew about the sexual violence. In her words, she resigned from her position “to prevent damage to the church.”

According to the media, the 60-year-old theologian was informed about the accusations against her former colleague working in the city of Siegen, but she did nothing about it. The man is currently being investigated by the police.

Kurschus said that she had known the suspect’s family for a long time and knew about his homosexuality and marital infidelity. She said she tried to protect the family but came under fire for a “lack of transparency”.

“It is all the more bitter because I have never, and I emphasize this, never tried to absolve myself of responsibility, withhold important facts, conceal facts or even cover for the accused person,” she added.