The American defense minister was hospitalized again

He is being treated in the hospital again Lloyd AustinUS Secretary of Defense, the Pentagon spokesman announced on Sunday. Pat Ryder according to his statement, the minister was rushed to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Bethesda, near Washington.

The minister will carry out his official duties during the new hospitalization and will keep the necessary classified communication systems with him, the spokesperson informed, adding that the deputy minister is ready to take over the duties of the defense minister if necessary.

According to the original plans, Lloyd Austin would have traveled to Europe on Tuesday for the meeting of the international contact group established to support Ukraine, as well as for the meeting of the NATO defense ministers. Spokesman Pat Ryder said it was too early to say whether the minister would be able to travel.

The Pentagon official emphasized that the Deputy Minister, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House, and Congress were also notified of the developments.

At the beginning of January, a serious scandal was caused by the minister’s concealment of his hospitalization at the time, which took place in the intensive care unit, for 4 days, and the White House learned only 3 days after his hospitalization that the member of the government responsible for defense affairs was unable to perform his duties . Lloyd Austin returned to the Pentagon at the end of January, when he announced that he took responsibility for what happened.

The Minister of Defense underwent surgery in December in connection with a cancer, and on the first day of January he needed emergency care due to complications. The reason for the new emergency care was not officially disclosed, according to press reports, inflammation occurred.


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