The agreement is still a long way off, even though HUF 38 billion is at stake: the lawsuit between the Russian company and BKV drags on

For more than three years, the Russian subway car manufacturer Metrowagonmash (MWM) has not accepted the documents, so BKV, which is already struggling with a lack of funds, cannot get money from the fine, Népszava wrote.

The ball is now bouncing in BKV’s court again, the company is now compiling its statement in response to the counterclaim submitted by MVM

– the Budapest company informed the daily newspaper.

It turned out that a quarter of the renovated Russian metro cars are not working: even though the end of the work on metro line 3 is nearing

In 2017, the BKV established that the renovation of the M3 metro line’s vehicle stock combined with modernization is a contractor for 219.2 million euros “Metrowagonmash fulfilled a significant part of the tasks undertaken in the supply contract late or not at all.” The Russian side did not acknowledge this and did not consider any amount of compensation acceptable.

The company previously refused to accept even the documents, but this year, it seems, the trial may begin. Although the Russian company contracted for renovation, it delivered practically new cars, but of unacceptable quality.

Meanwhile, BKV’s demand is increasing: by September of this year, the amount had risen to approximately 100 million euros, i.e. 38 billion forints, in the form of various fines, flat-rate damages, and compensation. The amount demanded is more than half of the previous contract price. The case is now pending, with BKV compiling its statement in response to the counterclaim submitted by MWM.

The first train of the renovated – in fact new – metro line 3 in Russia was put into service in 2017, since then it has happened that some cars had to be taken out of service due to a door defect, and then they started to rust. The investigation ordered by Mayor Gergely Karácsony in 2020 identified 18 serial defects in the cars, including the sometimes dangerous breakage of the seats. Two years ago, 34 cars – 15 percent of the entire fleet – had cracked and broken seats, and the problem could not be fixed even with repairs in Russia. The BKV sued Metrowagonmash in February 2019, as the company repeatedly missed the deadlines stipulated in the contract, but the Russians did not even receive the documents.




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